New Format For The Chase For The Colours!

The 45th season at Peterborough Speedway is seeing a lot of changes; a significant change is a new format for the running of the annual chase for the Colours. When the Chase for the Colours was introduced four years ago the top three finishers earned provisional starting spots in the respective years running of the Autumn Colours Classic. The 19th running of the Autumn Colours Classic saw a number of drivers using the provisional starting positions after same bad luck and or mechanical problems during qualifying.

But according to track promoter JP Josiasse the Chase lacked the reward for the drivers. “It became more of an invitational event and the provisional starting positions came secondary” stated JP.  As a result management along with input from various drivers and fans came up with a new format that has huge rewards for the chase.

The new format has earned the chase a nick name “Pole Qualifying”. As the new slogan states the chase is now pole qualifying for the annual running of the autumn Colours. The top two drivers in their respective class will set the front row for the Autumn Colours Classic. These drivers will also be exempt from any inversion at the Autumn Colours. Third and fourth place finishers will earn 15th and 16th starting spots respectively. Obviously these spots can be improved on during qualifying at the autumn colours but the top four drivers from the Chase will know what they are guaranteed.

Promoter JP Josiasse stated that a lot of thought went into the new format to give the chase significance rewarding to the top finishers along with giving the speedway more promotion opportunities having the pole set for the autumn colours months in advance. At the same it is not forcing anyone to attend the chase because they will still be able to qualify in the second row by just attending the Autumn Colours. Past history has shown drivers starting as far back as 15th have won the event.

When asked, track promoter JP Josiasse said it was a fine line making sure that the Chase had significance but at the same time it doesn’t force drivers to attend. At the end of the day every driver that attends the Annual running of the Autumn Colours Classic has a shot of earning that coveted title of Autumn Colours Champion.

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