Heat, adrenaline, and a full night of racing

July 6, 2013The July 6 races at Peterborough Speedway showed just how tough competition can be at Canada’s Toughest 1/3 Mile Oval.

Todd Delisle had a fast car Saturday night in the Vanguard Self Storage Late Models, but luck would not be on his side. Delisle started pole in heat 1, where Cory Horner put up a tough challenge but it was Delisle that took the checkered flag. In heat 2, Bryan Mercer and Chris Mitchell battled for the lead while Craig Graham moved under the pair along the back straight, running them three-wide, taking the lead and holding it to the end. Delisle quickly charged up from the back in heat 3, but as he got under Bryan Sudsbury, Sudsbury closed the door, driving down into Delisle and sending both cars spinning. Delisle went hard into the outside wall while Cory Horner had no place to go and hit Sudsbury. Kelly Balson found himself in the lead with Horner close behind but unable to pass. Heat 4 saw a 3-way battle for the lead. Mitchell lead at the start as Mercer tried to keep pace. Up from third came Graham who got by Mercer but tangled with Mitchell, sending both cars spinning and placing Mercer in first, which he held to the end. Graham took an early lead in the feature, fending off Mercer who shot too high out of turn 2 and hit the outside wall, damaging some body panels and flattening a tire. Graham jumped back into the lead on the restart but Jack Horner brought out another yellow after a tangle with Mercer. When the race restarted Balson shot passed Graham on the restart and held the lead to the end with Mitchell and Mercer close behind.

Tyler Junkin started the night off well, taking the lead from Jack Dallin and holding it for the win in heat 1 of the Moi Parry Spring Service Renegade Trucks, leaving Dallin to fend off hard-charging Bill O’Harra. In heat 2, an attempt to run four-wide along the back straight didn’t go well as Junkin dove down to the bottom, only to make contact with O’Harra, sending both cars spinning with flat tires. This opened up the lead for Stephen Bierworth who held it right to the checkered flag. Despite starting fifth in the feature, Junkin moved quickly toward the front as Bierworth took the lead. A three-wide maneuver gave Junkin the lead but with 2 laps to go a fire erupted under Junkin’s hood, taking him out of the race which Bierworth took control of and won.

Danny Benedict is showing everyone he has his car dialed in for victory, taking the win in the first heat for the Peterborough Hyundai Mini Stocks. Chris Mulders made an impressive run from back in the pack, but had to settle for second as Benedict beat him to the line in a photo finish. In heat 2, Dwight Lavoie started pole, only to get passed by Ryan Babin, who was then passed by Brandt Graham who took the checkered flag. It looked like Neil Bennett might run away with the lead in heat 3, but as Miles Tyson pulled his #49 car to the low side of Bennett, the leader got bumped most of the way to the back, opening the door for Tyson to win with Rob Flindall and Kevin Strutt close behind. James Horner took an early lead in heat 4, but a big bump from behind from Ember Junkin sent Horner into the outside wall of turn 2. Ryan Oosterholt then took over the lead with Babin close behind for first and second place finishes. Starting pole in the feature, Peter Moore gave a strong run and fended off all challengers for a while until Junkin lost a wheel in turn 2 and Strutt was able to get the lead on the restart. Strutt held the lead until near the end when Oosterholt got under him and made a pass that gave him the win.

In the Battlefield Equipment Rental Four Funs, James Townsend ran away with the lead in heat 1 while Ryan Oosterholt did the same in heat 2. Nothing was going to stop Joe Craven in heat 3. Starting third, Craven quickly pulled into the lead where he successfully fended off Townsend. There was some excitement in heat 4 off the start as the cars headed three-wide into turn 1 where Andrew Massy jumped from third to first and Oosterholt jumped from fifth to second. Soon it was Oosterholt in the lead before he was passed by Griffen Powell. Massey took an early lead in the feature, but both Powell and Oosterholt were quickly moving toward the front. After taking the lead, Powell lost his front bumper to lapped traffic but kept moving. Oosterholt tried the outside line around Massey but couldn’t make it stick, giving Powell the win with Massey and Oosterholt in second and third.

The Ontario Legends Series made a regular stop at Canada’s Toughest 1/3 Mile Oval where it was a show down between Nicholas Ledson and Dave Riopelle. Ripelle started pole in heat 1, but Ledson quickly moved in behind the leader and passed him on the low side, only to have a yellow flag come out when Cole Ledson, Duane Cinnamon, Cory Hayward, and the #11 of Jarret Stewart all were involved in a big spin on the front straight. On the restart, Riopelle got the jump into the lead, but Ledson was able to get by again for the win. Jason Robar jumped from third to first on the start of heat 2, keeping Ledson at bay. In the feature, Ledson started pole and soon found himself tangling with Bill Mason, who took the lead away from Ledson with a pass on the top line in turn 2. In turn 3, Ledson tried to retake the lead, but both he and Mason spun out and put Riopelle in the lead. Starting at the back, Ledson quickly charged up the pack, passing Robar for second place and he was closing in on Riopelle but ran out of laps.

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