Peterborough Speedway adds Kawartha Coupes & Coaches Invitational to Saturday, August 8th Schedule

Vintage Modified #2For the first time in a decade, the nostalgic feel of historic venues like the Canadian National Exhibition grounds and Pinecrest Speedway returns to Canada’s Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval as Kawartha Coupes & Coaches hosts a Vintage Modified invitational event as part of the regular night’s action – Saturday, August 8th – at Peterborough Speedway.

Top dirt and asphalt drivers from across the province will steer full-size replica racing machines from a by-gone era in an open competition for cash prizes, trophies…and bragging rights. There will be individual awards for pavement and dirt teams, with the winner in each designation taking home a ‘King of Coupes’ trophy. Event organizer Rob Clark of Cameron, Ontario – himself a former dirt track racer and current Vintage Modified team owner – says the idea came together as a way of testing the waters to see if there is enough interest to bring a show to the track annually each season.

“We may have been a little late in putting things together, but the word has spread quite quickly through the racing community,” said Clark. “There are a number of different sanctioning bodies out there and while this event won’t run under any particular group’s umbrella, we should be able to give fans an idea of what they can expect from this brand of racing.”

Clark says he’s hoping to turn some casual inquiries that he has made into strong representation from a number of different series. Brockville Speedway has a group that runs a half a dozen times each season at their home track and also makes selected starts at other speedways. With more than a dozen members, teams already have asphalt experience after making selected starts at the now shuttered Capital City Speedway. There has also been interest from teams that are part of a U.S. based tour and a few drivers who have cars, but race on only a part-time basis.

“J.P. Josiasse and Dave Sikma at Peterborough Speedway have been strong advocates of the Kawartha Coupes & Coaches agenda since its infancy,” said Clark. “That level of support and commitment speaks volumes for what we’re trying to accomplish. Knowing that we have the assurance of a motorsports facility with more than 45 years’ experience goes a long way when we’re trying to build a roster of drivers and interest in our program.”

The Kawartha Coupes & Coaches Vintage Modified Invitational Event – Saturday, August 8th – at Peterborough Speedway is supported by Clarke Motorsports Communications. To learn more, contact Rob Clark, 705.359.1275 or Richard Strange, 705.879.6518, see or like the Kawartha Coupes & Coaches page at

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