Stu Robinson Jr. Books a Ticket to Bristol Motor Speedway

Ask any driver at your favourite weekly short track and you’ll probably find that they all have a place where they’d love to race. Maybe its because they’ve seen an event there in person, or know someone who has raced there before. Whatever the reason, they have put the venue on their bucket list. For some it might be Daytona or Talladega, but for Stu Robinson Jr., the race track that satisfies his hunger is the legendary Bristol Motor Speedway.


The popular second-generation speedster from Beaverton, Ontario – who finished in the runner-up spot of the championship standings and was named the top first year driver with the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series in 2016 – will head to the World’s Fastest Half Mile for the Short Track U.S. Nationals, Friday and Saturday, May 19th & 20th. Even though he’s raced at some of the best-known venues across the province throughout his career, he says there isn’t one that compares to Bristol.


“That place is its own beast,” said Robinson Jr. with a smile. “We’ll be running the same car from Robert James Racing in Bradford, Ontario that we had on the OMRS tour. The body needed to be changed to conform to their rules and we’ll run a different engine, so we’re not taking a knife to a gun fight. I’m excited, just a little bit nervous but hoping we’ll have a strong showing. Once we get to run some laps during practice we should be able to find a set-up that’ll work during race conditions.”


Robinson Jr. says its hard to predict the number of entries, but based on the NASCAR numbers, there could be more than 30 of the powerful open-wheeled modified machines in the starting field, but only one from north of the border. Officials with Robert James Racing – the team that fields the OMRS rides for Robinson Jr., his teammate Connor James and the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series car of Donny Beatty – say it’s a wonderful marketing opportunity to fly the Canadian Colours at one of NASCAR’s most popular tracks.


“Here at home, we’ve complied 3 championship calibre programs under the same umbrella,” said team principle Robert James. “Donny Beatty won the OMRS title in 2015 and Stu Robinson Jr. was second-best in the same series last year. We’ve put together a strong package for this one event and we’ll head into Bristol with the same dedication, focus and attention to detail as we do when fighting for a checkered flag at tracks like Peterborough, Sunset or Flamboro.”


To learn more about advertising opportunities and partnering with Robert James Racing driver Stu Robinson Jr. May 19th and 20th at Bristol Motor Speedway, call 905.751.8855 or e-mail

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