Lucas Oil Grass Drags and Radar Runs

Peterborough Speedway held radar runs & grass drags sponsored by Lucas Oil. The afternoon started off with Lucas Oil sponsorship giveaways to everyone who entered the competition, with prizes for the end of the radar runs for top speeds in each class. The first event was just time trials to get the feel of the grass, which then led into the radar runs. The radar runs was a single event time trial to see who could pull off the fastest time in their own division.  The final event was friendly completion of grass drags between everyone.

The dirt bikes & under 500cc had a very strong winner at a peak of 62mph by Chase Hacking (#1052) with his KTM 450 dirt bike. The ATV 500cc+ division had a tie from Mike Herrings (#1053) driving his Polaris outlaw ATV against Jesse McTulde (#1055) with his Canam at 52mph.

Dean Drimming (#501) pulled off a 54mph run with his skidoo in the 500-599cc division. In the 600-699cc division, Tristan (#600) peaked at 62mph in his Polaris IQ. In a Yamaha SRX, Andrew McGill (#700) pulled off a max speed of 73mph in the 700-799cc division. In his Turbo Yamaha Vector, with a dominating speed of 82mph, Dwayne Walker (#950) came out on top in the 800cc+ division and everyone else for the day.

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