A storm hit with the OSCAAR Super Lates rumbling into town

Another amazing night of racing as the OSCAAR Super Late Models made an appearance and these guys go fast. Mike Kent from Peterborough Ontario won just over $500 from the 50/50 sponsored by the Peterborough Shriners who do an amazing job in the area. We also let the fans get involved tonight as we hosted a King of the Hill, where the fans are allowed to perform a time trial right here, at Peterborough Speedway. In the end, Larry Crowe Jr. won the king of the hill event during the intermission while driving an incredibly fast 2008 Dodge Viper.


Peterborough Hyundai Mini Stocks Feature

The evening started with Peterborough Hyundai Ministocks with some sibling rivalry involved. Ember Junkin(#19) and Tyler Junkin(#41) fought each other for the top spot, however Tyler just could not touch her at all. Meanwhile, Alex Lees(#07) fought the rest of the pack over third spot and managed to battle hard and secure it by pulling far ahead. Ember Junkin(#19) won her first feature race in the Ministocks series, with Tyler Junkin(#41) taking a close second. Alex Lees(#07), the current point leader found third, meanwhile Ryan Brontnell(#40) and Kevin Strutt(#34) claimed fourth and fifth.


Perry Springs Renegade Trucks Feature

Jeff Remmington, driving the #29 of Perry Spring Racing blasted out into the lead. Bill O’Hara on the other hand, battled his way from the back of the pack to challenging the race leader of Jeff Remmington(#29). Remmington(#29) then opens a door and Bill O’Hara(#6) takes advantage of this opening. Andy McCann(#12) then takes his shot at passing Jeff Remmington(#29), and looked high and low but has a hard time to find it. Remmington(#29) then ends up with engine problems and Stephen Bierworth boxes Jeff Remmington in and pulls into the second spot. James Townsend(#88) and Andy McCann(#12) ended up challenging each other for second position with door to door racing. Bill O’Hara(#6) took the checkered flag, followed by James Townsend(#88) and the past two years champion, Andy McCann(#12) took third.


Battlefield Equipment Four-Fun Feature

The lead was fought over by some familiar faces as Tiffany Vandebelt(#88), Ryan Oosterholt(#50), Chris Mulders(#99), Andrew Akers(#73) and Ryan Baben(#8). These are some of the fastest racers that come to Peterborough Speedway. Halfway through the feature race, Ryan Oosterholt(#50) and Chris Mulders(#99) were alone fighting for the top spot with Andrew Akers sitting comfortably in third spot. Ryan Oosterholt(#50) driving for Ray Schroer took the feature win, with Chris Mulders(#99) right behind him in second. Andrew Akers(#73) found his way into third with Jack Dallin(#07) in fourth and Tiffany Vandebelt(#88) grabbed fifth.

Vangaurd Self-Storage Late Model Feature

We witnessed one of the most hard hitting and action packed feature race of the Vangaurd-Self Storage Late Models. Tyler Liscum(#14) caused some bumping and grinding and made his way to the front and managed to win the feature race for his son’s birthday today. Cory Horner(#89) took second place after just a few short weeks of racing here at Peterborough Speedway. The current points leader, Bryan Sudsburry took a respectable third place, with Todd Delisle(#22) right behind him.


OSCAAR Super Late Models

After drying the track and allowing for race conditions from a small rain delay. After some more rain delay, the racers braved 30 of 50 laps, and with tensions running high, they were all after the top spot. That top spot can only belong to a single racer though, and Gary Passer(#13), the truck driver from Innisfil. Jeff Hanley(#70) showed why he is a force to be dealt with because of his outstanding 2 time Biederman Memorial Championships. The 2007 Rookie of the year, as well as 2007 champion, Derrick Tiemersma(#7) took third.


Thank you for all your patience and see you all next week, here at Peterborough Speedway, Canada’s Toughest 1/3 mile.

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