The New!

At the annual drivers meeting in preparation for the 2012 season JP Josiasse announced with a round of applause that the old Peterborough Speedway website would be replaced before the 2012 season would kick off. Ahead of schedule we are thrilled to announce the launch of the “New” Peterborough The site has been a long process in the making and Peterborough Speedway promoter JP Josiasse would like to thank everyone that was involved in the creation of the new site. It was a task that took endless hours resulting in a product that surpasses all expectations. The old site had outlived its usefulness quite a while ago.

A lot of research has been put into the layout and functionality of the new site. The goal was to develop a site that is easy to navigate while providing a fast amount of information to the users. Race Fans deserve access to a vast array of information and one of the mandates of the new site was to deliver that in a user friendly setting. Fans can browse photo galleries; keep up to date with results, driver standings and upcoming events. If you need some history on the early years of Peterborough Speedway, that can be found in the Fan Info section as well. Newcomers to the speedway can also find extensive directions, local accommodations and a complete schedule including admission prices in the Fan Info section.

Racers and Sponsors will receive much deserved, expanded online exposure.  A vast array of banners give sponsors that added exposure along with keeping racers and fans informed about upcoming specials. A very important change to the new site is that results and standings can now display all the competitors not just the top 5 or 10 like the old site. Now heat winners and rookies running out of the top 5 all get recognized for their efforts. Point standings will list every driver who has earned points in the current year opposed to being penalized for not being in the top 10. Another huge addition is the driver profile section, it allows drivers to complete the online form submit it along with a picture and give fans that extra information they are always looking for while exposing your sponsors to them at the same time.

Another mandate of the new site is to serve as a practical tool supplying racers and fans with a vast area of downloadable information. A number of sections contain documents ranging from registration and waiver forms along with rule books and purse breakdown to name a few. For the newcomers to the sport taking part in the Peterborough Speedway driving experience the site offers everything from the current driving school schedule to order and booking forms.

Autumn Colour attendees can submit everything from intents to compete, to booking  camping spots. The Autumn Colours now also receives that much deserved recognition online, complete results will now be a permanent fixture on Peterborough year long. The information doesn’t stop there, the Autumn Colours section displays pertinent stories, rule packages, schedules and pricing plus more, giving fans and racers that much sought after information.   

Other highlights of the new site include a comprehensive classified section available free of charge to all racers to sell and trade parts and cars keeping the sport rolling. An updated contact section ranging from the physical address to personal emails can all be found on the site.

At this time I would like to invite you to browse and explore the new Peterborough, enjoy and stay tuned for updates and additional information as it’s added to the site.

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