JDC Motorsports Makes its Asphalt Open Wheeled Modified Debut

Summer is traditionally a time when school lets out and students in even the most advanced university programs take a break. After campaigning some of the top-shelf rides in the local, national and international Legends Racing divisions, JDC Motorsports will be going to school as the team moves into asphalt Open Wheeled Modified Racing with its first start in the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series – Saturday, August 14th – at Peterborough Speedway.


“I’ve been around racing my entire life. Getting track time and gaining experience is the backbone of any racing division,” said JDC Motorsports team owner Jeff Drimmie. “The car we’ve acquired will allow our program to focus on events close to home with the OMRS tour and eventually run selected events with the OSCAAR Modified series.”


With a driver line-up that has included Dawson Drimmie, as well as past champions Matt Haufe and Nicholas Ledson, Jeff Drimmie says there is no disputing what the team was able to accomplish with a Legend car and even though they’ll be running the Modified, their existing program will be even stronger in with new cars being built for the 2022 season. With backing from the businesses under the KOD umbrella, they’re looking to take the team’s motorsports program to the next level.


The Modified – a former Mark Gordon ride – has a rich pedigree, including a pole position starting spot at Jukasa. After rebranding the piece with No. 22, the team was looking to put the car through its paces prior to the initial green flag but showers sidelined a scheduled shakedown session. While they haven’t settled on a driver for the maiden voyage, Drimmie admits that they’re looking forward to the first laps in the new division.


“I’m not exactly sure what will happen, but it’s a start,” said the veteran team owner/operator. “We’ll get some set-up information during the pre-race practice periods and help build some notes on what to expect for the rest of the day. We’re just looking to get our feet wet in some different equipment, not set the world on fire.”

Jeff Drimmie also pointed-out that there will be a new driver campaigning some of the team’s Trailers Plus Ontario Legends Series equipment, as rookie Caleb Drimmie will be at the controls of the No. 75 car Saturday, August 14th at Peterborough Speedway.

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