Points Battle’s Heat and Close Up

We may be coming to the end of the dog days of summer, but the heat on the track has never been hotter. With championships on the line in every division and some of the tightest point racers we have ever seen, the question is not just who is going to win the championships, but who wants to be the champion bad enough. The Shriners sponsored there 50/50 once again for supporting children’s hospitals with a grand prize going to Daniel Scott from Peterborough.


Battlefield Equipment 4-Fun

As the season for the entry level racing started to come to a close at Peterborough Speedway, some of the strongest racers in the division putting it all on the line trying to get those last minute points. To start the feature off, Malcolm McDonald(#80) started off with the lead and battled it out with the two points leaders of Chris Mulders(#99) and Tiffany Vandebelt(#88). Ryan Oosterholt(#79) from the Farm Bro Racing team kept the pressure on Tiffany(#88) to try to make her ride the high line, however that did not work out the way they had planned and used this to challenge Malcolm McDonald(#80) for the leader of the race. Rob Goss(#63) sat behind the four way battle for the lead, watching and waiting for someone to make a mistake so that he could jump right in. In the end Tiffany Vandebelt(#88) pulled ahead with Malcolm McDonald(#80) right behind her and Chris Mulders(#99) as a close third.


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The jig was up as the two time champion, Andy McCann(#12) with a brand new paint job took off into the lead, meanwhile Bill O’Hara(#6) went from the back of the pack all the way to second. James Townsend(#88) put the pressure on Bill(#6) as the crew has the truck working just where they want it. Andy McCann(#12) takes another victory, with Bill O’Hara(#6) placing second and James Townsend(#88) closely in third.


Ontario Legends

The fiercest battle of the night occurred as Adam Cuthbertson(#79) had a great pole position start and used this to his advantage on his home track. Meanwhile four time champion, Andy Warbutton(#24) was chasing him down relentlessly, trying to stay as the current points leader with just a limited number of races to go. Wes Cuthbertson(#12) started in scratch and worked hard as he weaved in and out of traffic to make his way into the top five. Matt Haufe(#7) attempts to fight with Adam Cuthberston(#79) for first position, meanwhile Dave Riopelle(#92) sits right behind them waiting for one of them to slip up. Adam Cuthbertson(#79) picks up a much needed win tonight, with Matt Haufe(#7) placing in second and Dave Riopelle(#92) taking a nice third.


Vangaurd Self-Storage Late Models

It started three wide, as Cory Horner(#89) forced them all to go high or back off as he took the lead and Todd Delisle(#22) backed off and then took a shot at the inside. Steve Foster(#71) has been working hard on his car all season and is now up to speed as he pressured Tyler Liscum(#14) to play hard or go home. In the end however, Todd Delisle(#22) showed everyone what a veteran racer is capable of with a checkered flag and rookie Cory Horner(#89) took a show stopping second place with Tyler Liscum(#14) in a hard earned third place.


See you all Saturday, September 1st for our pre-race corn roast as well as our Championship Clash that will be hosting some of the best racing in Ontario right here at Peterborough Speedway, Canada’s Toughest 1/3 mile oval.

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