A Packed house For Fan Appreciation

It was Toonie Night at Peterborough Speedway, Canada’s toughest 1/3 mile oval – sponsored by Pepsi. The 50-50 raffle brought to you by the Peterborough Shriner’s Club was done once again and with the huge crowd of the night the pot got up to $630.50. The kids Bike racing was intense as we had 5 kids barrel down the front stretch. Next week we will have all our regular series show up, from the ever growing Mini-Stocks, to the power house Late Models.


Jeff Remmington(#29), with a fully fixed up truck, sponsored by Perry Springs Racing started on the outside of the pole position blasted off into the top spot and did not have any competition. The real battle was for second when Stacy Bierworth(#37) and Stephen Bierworth(#49) fought each other for it, however Andy McCann(#12) found an opening on the inside when they were driving high and took it giving him second position. Stephen Bierworth took third, Stacy Bierworth grabbed fourth and a new comer of James Townsend driving the #88 got fifth.


Kevin Strutt had a very strong start, however Alex Lees(#07) would have none of that and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. Last year’s champion, Darryl Fice showed his face today, to demonstrate why he is a champion as he slipped on past Alex Lees(#07). Kevin Strutt(#34) also is improving each week and managed to take third. Ember Junkin(#19) took fourth and her brother Tyler Junkin(#41) got fifth.


Some of the most talented Late Model racers put on a fantastic show as the Crowd Pleaser, Kelly Balson(#10) set the pace of the night as he started with the lead and held onto it. Tyler Liscum(#14) looked for some kind of opening, but just could not find it. After some bumping in grinding from the start line, to the end of turn two, Bryan Sudsburry(#29) forced his way ahead of Tyler Liscum(#14). After a quick restart from a caution, Jeff Bell(#66) maneuvered into second position with the rest of the cars shuffled like a deck of cards. Kelly Balson(#10) got the checkered flag, Jeff Bell(#66) of Crow Racing took second, Todd Delisle(#22) grabbed third, Bryan Sudsburry(#29) got fourth and Tyler Liscum(#14) found fifth.


A heated battle out in front as between Ryan Baben(#8) and Tiffany Vandebelt(#88), however Chris Mulders(#99) catches up and it becomes a three way. After battling it out for just over 10 laps, Baben(#8) and Mulders(#99) pull ahead of Tiffany(#88) leaving her to fight with the rest of the racers. With just two laps to go, a four way battle with Ryan Oosterholt(#79) added in for the lead happens, as some bumping in grinding in turns three and four put them all in danger of a crash.  It was all farm bro racing again at the front as Ryan Baben(#8) took first, points leader Chris Mulders(#99) got second and Ryan Oosterholt(#79) got third, followed by Tiffany Vandebelt(#88) and Jack Dallin(#07).


A hurricane hit Peterborough Speedway, as the Hurricane Midgets took to the oval with the amazing speed. Ryan Fraser(#94) made a huge lead making the racers fighting for second eat his dust. Amanda McCall(#22) was using speed, power and technique to just slingshot around her opponents and did this to get into second position from the a starting position of 21 out of 25. The current points leader A.J. Emms(#10) was fighting with James Bound(#83) was fighting for the third spot. In the end, Jake Haywood(#96) took third, followed by James Bound(#83) and then Rob McCall(#62) in fifth.

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