A Hot Night of Action

Tonight we had amazing racing, and we had our first Car Load Night. Fill your car with as many people as possible and then get in for only $20. A 50-50 raffle brought to you by the Peterboroughs Shriner’s Club was also done and always for a great cause. We also had prize give aways between our feature races sponsored by Pepsi. We had a Four Fun Twin’s 20 tonight and saw some of the best racers make it into both winner circles. The Legends also made an appearance once again at Canada’s Toughest 1/3 mile oval. Next week Country 105 presents Mid Summer Shoot-Out with a 25 Lap Four Fun race, Mini Stock 30, Renegade Truck 25, Late Model 50 & Kids Barrel Racing.

4-Funs Feature 1 – A big battle for the first postion between Tiffany Vanderbelt in the #88 a veteran racer, but new to Peterborough Speedway, and Chris Mulders of Farm Bro Racing driving the #99. Tiffany with that girl power and beast of a machine puts it all on the line as she forces her way ahead of everyone and then holds onto it for the rest of the race. Tiffany said she had no idea where or who was behind her as she was only looking in one direction. Tiffany Vandebelt(#88), Chris Mulders(#99), Peter Moore(#17), Ryan Oosterholt(#79) and Griffin Powell rounds off your top 5 in the first heat.

4-Fun Feature 2 – Farm bro racing pulls way out ahead with two cars as Chris Mulders driving the #99 and Ryan Oosterholt driving the #79. In the middle of the pack Tiffany Vandebelt(#88) is passing cars two at a time until she made it into the top 5. The Farm Bro Racing team stopped her eventually as Ryan Oosterholt(#79) took the top spot, followed by Chris Mulders(#99) and then Tiffany Vandebelt(#88), in fourth was Ryan Baben(#8) and in fifth place we had Jack Dallin(#07).

Mini Stock 20 lap feature – Alex Lees aka the Cinderella Kid in the #07 was just glued to the inside track as he got into the lead and held onto it making it impossible for Tyler Junkin in the #41 to ever make a move. Daryle Fice had a chance to say that he felt that Alex Lee’s car is able to handle turns much better than Junkins, meaning that Junkin would have to make a move on the back or front stretch, but he just couldn’t get enough speed to do so. Alex Lees(#07) took the victory, followed by Tyler Junkin(#41), Kevin Strutt(#34) former 20122 4-Fun champion battled into third, followed by rival Ember Junkin(#19) and Dan Demers(#67) took fifth spot.

Perry Spring Renegade Trucks – Stephen Beirworth (#49) and Bill O’Hara (#6) battled it out for the top spot. Bill O’Hara brought his truck out for the first time this season and had trouble in both the first two heats dropping fluids and being sent to the pits. Everything changed when Bill made a move on the inside of Stephen Beirworth in turns 3 and 4 giving Bill his first feature win in his first appearance here at Peterborough Speedway, Canada’s toughest 1/3 mile oval. Bill O’Hara(#6) took the victory followed by Stephen Bierworth(#49), former 2 time champion Andy McCann(#12) took third and then we saw Stacy Bierworth take fourth with a new engine.

Late Models – We’ve seen the most action tonight since Autumn Colours as Jack Horner(#31), a  new racer with feature wins at many speedways started off with a lead, until Todd Delisle (#22W) a fierce competitor with Championships and a Runner up at the 2011 Autumn Colour Classic showed up and caused a battle between the two. Brian Suddsburry(#29)  fights his way into 1st place with some bumping and grinding and got that checkered flag that he was talking about all day today, followed by Todd Delisle(#22W) and then Jack Horner(#31)

Ontario Legends – Adam Cuthbertson(#79) the current points leader and two time champion stole the show tonight as he pulled ahead of Wavin’ Bill Mason(#4). Andy Warbutton diriving the #24 put the pressure on Wavin’ Willy and just relentlessly looked for an opening or a mistake. A caution with fewer than five laps to go allows Andy(#24) to pass by Wavin’ Willy(#4). Adam Cuthberston(#79) breezed into the winner circle, followed by last years champion Andy Warbutton, then Wavin’ Bill Masin(#4) took third, Paul Pierik(#33) took fourth and the rookie – Nicholas Ledson(#15N) landed in fifth.

See you all next week at Peterborough Speedway, Canada’s Toughest 1/3 Mile Oval.

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