INEX Ontario Legends Series Opens the 2015 Season at Peterborough Speedway

IMG_2015 (3)With close to 20 teams signed-in pit side, the INEX Ontario Legends Series made its first start of the year – Saturday, May 16th – on Canada’s Toughest 3rd of a Mile Paved Oval.


In the final feature event of the night, the INEX Ontario Legends Series came from the staging area for a 25 lapper with Bill Mason and Cole Ledson in charge of the field. Before a single lap had been completed, the pace was slowed for a 3 car incident in the 4th turn. All involved cars were able to continue. After a few attempts at restarting the show were aborted, things settled down nicely as Brian Saunders took control of the pace, with teammate Kevin Foisy on his tail. Nicholas Ledson climbed his way to 3rd, with his brother Cole running a position behind with less than 10 circuits remaining. The scoreboard showed 17 complete, when Bailey Brown and Willy Howells came together on the front stretch. Saunders kept Foisy at bay for the first main event victory of 2015. Nicholas Ledson, Cole Ledson and Brandon Thurlby completed the top 5.


Bill Mason, Terry McClelland, Jamie Riberdy, Michael Glaze, Bailey Brown, Robin Jongen, Cole McFadden, Jamie MacArthur, Don Arnott, Willy Howells, Robert Richardson, Fred Jordan, Duane Cinnamon and Mark Griffin rounded-out the Ontario Legends main event finishing order.


The night’s first qualifying round went to Kevin Foisy, with Cole Ledson, Bailey Brown, Terry McClelland and Robin Jongen completing the top 5. Two time defending series champion Nicholas Ledson claimed the second heat, over Brian Saunders, Bill Mason, Jamie Riberdy and Brandon Thurlby. Cole Ledson grabbed the 3rd preliminary, with Foisy, McClelland, Jongen and Brown finishing 2nd through 5th. Brian Saunders, Nicholas Ledson, Mason, Riberdy and Thurlby were the top 5 finishers in the 4th and final Ontario Legends qualifier.IMG_1988 (2)

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