John Baker Jr. Picks Up Another OMRS Peterborough Speedway Win

With a limited schedule because of COVID-19, teams with the Ontario Modifieds Racing Series, presented by GEN-3 Electrical have been more excited than ever to get the opportunity to hit the track. The popular tour logged its final event of the 2021 season Saturday, September 4th during the annual Championship Clash at Peterborough Speedway.


Following a moment of silence to mark the 2nd anniversary of the passing of former series racer and official Bill Pickford, Rick Warnes and Bob Franks brought the starting field to the starting line at the venue known as Canada’s Toughest 3rd Mile Oval. On a night where the outside line seemed to be the hot ticket, Franks got the jump on Warnes and grabbed the early race lead. John Baker Jr. quickly moved in the 3rd position and was quickly being challenged by Chad Strawn, the group’s most recent main event winner.


JBJ moved into the lead with 6 laps on the scoreboard, with Strawn taking 3rd at the same time. The field was slowed for the race’s first yellow flag – for an incident in the 2nd turn – as the lap counter showed 14 complete. Baker Jr. and Strawn lined-up side-by-side for the restart and the front row runners set-off in a 2-car breakaway. With less than 5 laps remaining, everything changed as Chad Strawn coasted to a stop at the entrance to the first turn. The driver said he could feel something clanking around and the culprit turned-out to be a broken rear-end.


John Baker Jr. led the rest of the way and took the checkered flag over Franks, Warnes, Ben Gruntz, Shane Pollock, Willow Barberstock, Randy Hollingsworth and Strawn.


John Baker Jr. and Chad Strawn shared the night’s Ontario Modifieds Racing Series qualifying events.


2021 OMRS Notebook: John Baker Jr. posted a eulogy for a left front tire on social media after his Saturday night win. He said the racing recap rubber had been on the car for 5 years and thanked OMRS officials for making the choice to bring tire costs in-line with a racer’s budget…The starting line-up was missing No. 50 of Alex Cuzzilla. The hard-charging youngster decided to skip a night of racing and spend some time in the Muskoka’s for a relaxing weekend on the lake. While most at his age are headed-off to college or university at this time of year, Cuzzilla is enrolled in an apprentice program that allows him to further his education and continue to live at home.


2021 Ontario Modifieds Racing Series Schedule and Results

All events held at Peterborough Speedway


Saturday, July 17th:               John Baker Jr.

Top 5:                                     Cuzzilla, Warnes, Franks, Strawn


Saturday, August 14th:          Chad Strawn

Top 5:                                     Cuzzilla, Baker Jr., Ledson, Franks


Saturday, September 4th:      John Baker Jr.

Top 5:                                     Franks, Warnes, Gruntz, Pollock  


2021 Ontario Modifieds Racing Series, presented by GEN-3 Electrical action is sponsored by All or Nothing Brewhouse, Sterling Tire, Bourque Transmission, Conview Concrete, Thinkpath Design, TNT Performance Products and Clarke Motorsports Communications.


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