100 lap enduro tops off a great night of racing at Peterborough Speedway

June 22, ledsonThere’s no question it was a big night for Tyler Junkin. The former Mini Stock champion was able to dial in his Moi Parry Spring Service Renegade Truck to take the checkered flag in both a heat race and the feature. Then, after the regular classes of racing wrapped up their night, he took home a big win in the 100 lap endurance race in the 4 and 6 cylinder class.


Packing 30 cars onto Canada’s toughest 1/3 mile oval meant anyone looking to win would have to be good at dodging slower cars and taking advantage of any gap that opens. The race featured only red, green, and checkered flags. The #7 8 cylinder class race car quickly jumped to the front, only to have a hard-charging Kyle Donaldson make his way from the back to the front. The pair exchanged the lead several times before each were black-flagged for spewing too much smoke, though before the #7 could pull off he had a run-in with the #77 that nearly sent him over the back wall as he rode up the barriers. Another mishap, this time a hard hit as the #716 spun into the outside wall of turn 3 and collided with #347, brought out the red flag at lap 88. Both drivers were reportedly okay, but were taken off the track in the ambulance for further inspection. By the end of the race, only about half of the field remained, opening things up for Tyler Junkin to win the 4 and 6 cylinder class in the #401 car as Rob Richards emerged victorious in the 8 cylinder class with his #15 car.


In the Moi Parry Spring Service Renegade Truck series, Junkin was gunning for a win in the first heat, but a spin with the #49 of Stephen Bierworth opened the door for Bill O’Hara to take the checkered flag. In the second heat, Junkin and Bierworth were able to battle hard for the lead without spinning each other out, exchanging the lead several times before Junkin held it across the finish line on the last lap. Junkin started pole in the feature, but O’Hara quickly pulled into the lead on the first lap, only to have Junkin pull back into the lead on lap 2, a position he held to the end.


It was Chris Mitchell’s night in the Vanguard Self Storage Late Models. He fended off a hard charge from Bryan Mercer in the first heat, running pole to checkered in the lead. After a lack of success in his Ontario Legends car, Adam Cuthbertson took to the track in a late model, only to crash out in the first turn of the first lap of his first heat, causing damage to both Jack Horner and Dan McHattie. As heat 2 resumed, Craig Graham slipped by Bryan Sudsbury for the win. In the feature, it was the two 71 cars of McHattie and pole sitter Steve Foster that were banging fenders at the front while Sudsbury and Horner were bumping each other at the back of the pack. While the 71s were knocking each other, Mitchell pulled his #22 car by the leaders and held on for the win.


Dan Price drove his ’57 Chevy to victory in heat 1 of the Paul Davis Systems Thunder Cars, starting pole and holding the lead through to the end. The action was in the second heat when Matt Spence tried to take the lead from Brad Lavalle by overtaking him on the high side. Lavalle gave Spence a bump and both cars spun hard into the outside wall of turn 4. Ross Evans exited the race after belching out smoke, leaving Howie Crowe and Anthony DiBello to fight it out, with DiBello fending off his challenger and taking the win. Stu Robinson Jr. pulled by Steve Mayhew and the #69 car for the win in heat 3 while Howie Crowe held the lead from start to finish in heat 4. A tap from Mayhew in the feature sent Price into a spin, causing a rear wheel and its axle to pop right off the car. Crowe gave Robinson a run for his money for the lead, but couldn’t get by him.


Sibling rivalry hit new heights in the Ontario Legend Series. The first heat was fairly tame as Nicholas Ledson got around Fred Jordan on the low side and held onto the lead to the end. In the second heat, Wes Cuthbertson worked his way into the lead while his older brother, Adam, followed. The elder Cuthbertson found himself battling his brother for the lead, but couldn’t find an opening on the high or low side, so he sent his younger brother for a spin. With the two brothers sent to the back, Adam Cuthbertson made another run for the front, but had trouble getting by the #20 of Cole McFadden, whom he also spun, earning a black flag from the officials. As the heat resumed, McFadden and Wes Cuthbertson crashed out, opening the door for Bill Mason to win the race. Ledson handily won heat 3 as did Mason in heat 4. Jordan took the early lead in the feature, but couldn’t fend off Jason Robar, who in turn was passed by Ledson. The two continued to duke it out until Robar spun Ledson into the wall in turn 3, but the move came just after a yellow had been called as Mason and Duane Cinnamon spun through turn 2, allowing the leading pair to stay out front where Ledson fended off all challengers and hung on for the win.


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