Peterborough Speedway opened its season with an exciting lineup of racecars and stands packed with spectators for fan appreciation night.

May 18th ThunderEven the first race, Heat 1 of the Battlefield Equipment Rental Four Fun, opened with excitement with Brandon Sawers-Foster’s X car hitting the outside wall of turn three on the first lap, causing extensive damage. As the race went on, the 13 car of Griffin Powell went up in smoke as tried to chase down race leader Ryan Oosterholt, who ended up winning the heat. Heat 2 was a little more tame with only one caution as Ray Schroer held on to his pole position from start to finish. The feature was an epic battle for the lead as Oosterholt jumped into an early lead with James Thompson keeping pace on the high line, running two-wide for most of the race. With only a few laps left, Thompson was able to complete his pass in front of a cheering crowd.


Bill O’Harra dominated the Moi Perry Spring Service Renegade Truck series, winning both heats and the feature. The wins didn’t come easy as the 07 truck of Jack Dallon tried hard for the win, but he settled for second place in all three races. An inverted start in Heat 2 wasn’t even enough to keep O’Harra from victory as he pulled to the low side of 2012 Champion Andy McCann for the lead. O’Harra started pole in the feature, but Dallon kept close on his tale, bumping the race leader when opportunities arose and attempts to overtake on both the high and low sides were fruitless, giving O’Harra a perfect record on opening night.


For the first time in a number of years, Thunder Cars returned to Peterborough Speedway. Donny Beatty was able to fend off CASCAR veteran Bryan Cathcart and last year’s Kawartha Speedway Thunder Car champion Matt Spence. Ross Evans was able to do the same in Heat 2, though Spence was ready to take over should the 6x car slip up. Cathcart managed to keep a prying Spence at bay in the feature while Evans tried to get around Spence. In the end, Cathcart made his first visit to Peterborough Speedway’s Dart Heating and Cooling Victory Lane for the first time since his CASCAR victory 15 years ago. Post Race Tech inspection led to Ross Evans being disqualified from the nights finish.


It was Chris Mitchell’s night in the Vanguard Self Storage Late Models, taking the win in Heat 1, fending off Craig Graham and 2012 Champion Bryan Sudsbury. Jack Horner took the checkered flag in Heat 2 with Graham and Mitchell close behind. Sitting pole in the feature meant Mitchell had Graham beside him in the number 2 slot off the start. Graham kept the pressure on the leader, but Mitchell held a steady line and drove his #22 late model to victory.


The Peterborough Hyundai Mini Stocks were dominated by Ryan Oosterholt, taking two heat wins and the feature. 2012 Champion Tyler Junkin took home the win in Heat 2, trailed just behind Kevin Strutt for a second place finish in in Heat 4, and briefly held the lead in the feature before wrecking while trying to get through lapped traffic. Oosterholt started the feature on pole, but Junkin was immediately chasing him down. The pair weaved around lapped traffic until they came upon a set of cars running two-wide and unwilling to set their own chase for position aside to let the leaders by. As Oosterholt got caught behind a slower car, Junkin found an opening and took the lead, only to have his opening close with a screeching halt on the front straight. As the debris settled, it was clear Junkin was done for the night, opening the door for Oosterholt and Farm Brothers Racing teammate Chris Molders to take first and second.


The Ontario Legends Series paid a visit to the 1/3 mile oval as well, with Nick Ledson opening with a win in in Heat 1 and closing with victory in the feature. In Heat 2, Andy Warbutton rose from a 6th place starting position to victory. It looked like Fred Jordon would run pole from start to finish, but a bump from Bill Mason sent him to the pits, opening the door for Warbutton to jump past Duane Cinnamon on the restart. 81 was able to hold onto the lead from green to checkered in Heat 3 while Warbutton did the same in Heat 4. In the feature, it didn’t take Ledson long to find an opening on the low side of Adam Cuthbertson to take the lead. The pair battled it out for the lead on several restarts, but Ledson held him off while Wes Cuthbertson filled the third position.


Racing returns to Peterborough Speedway May 25.


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