Championship Clash A Night Full Of Excitement

Peterborough Speedway began races at 6pm sharp with the company of Race Time Radio from SeriusXm 157 as well as OSCAAR joining us with the Outlaw Super Late Models. Race Time Radio on SeriusXm 157 impressed everyone at Peterborough Speedway, Canada’s Toughest 1/3 mile oval just how professional they are and put on a great show for all of our fans as well as all the fans that tuned in all across the globe. OSCAAR brought out the Outlaw Super Late Models tonight for a 50 lap feature and we watched in awe as we saw some of the strongest racers in Ontario put on a clean show. The Shriner’s put on their 50/50 draw once again and some lucky spectator managed to walk away with $547.50 richer than he came.


Renegade trucks

The rampage continues as the baby of the series took the show by storm as Stephen “Daddy” Bierworth(#49) fought with the speed demon Bill O’Harra(#6). James Townsend(#88) tried his best but ended up fighting for third again Jeff Remmington(#29) of Perry Spring Racing team as he applied the pressure to make everyone else step up their game. In the end, Stephen Bierworth(#49) took the feature with Bill O’Hara(#6) close on his bumper and then James Townsend(#88) took third.

Tonight we crowned the Champion for the Perry Spring Renegade Trucks which went to Andy McCann(#12) making him a now three time champion.


Four funs

It was quite the battle as your current points leader Chris Mulders(#99) powered out of the starting gate as Griffin Powell(#13) gave it his all in his second year of racing as he battled it out for first place. Ashley Brier took out her number 23X for the first time this year at Peterborough Speedway and showed her how strong girl power really is. As the battle for fourth heated up, a caution came out and closed the gap between all the cars on the field. In the end Chris Mulders(#99) took yet another feature, with Griffin Powell(#13) right behind him and Ashley Brier(#23X) got third.

Chris Mulders(#99) won his first ever championship for himself and his Farm Bro Brothers team.


Late Models

As the big dogs came out to play and tensions high for the championship on the line, everyone gave it their all after a challenging and tough season. The two rookies of the season started out infront of Jack(#31) and Cory(#89) Horner as they keep Bryan Sudsburry(#29) working on trying to pass this racing team. You also can’t forget about Tyler Liscum(#14) as he came back from a crash into the wall in heat one and made it back into the feature as he pressured everyone to put on there “A” game. As a caution comes out on the last lap, it all comes down to a green/white – checkered finish as Jack Horner and Tyler Liscum are both side by side for the final lap. Jack Horner(#31) won his first feature win, with Tyler Liscum(#14) closely behind him and Todd Delisle(#22) in third.


Bryan Sudsburry(#29) won the championship after many tough and well fought battles and we expect big things from him in the Autumn Colours Classic.



The most competitive series of racing started as the closest championship we have ever seen as the top two racers had only a six point difference for Alex Lees and Tyler Junkin. The race started as Alex Lees(#07) and Neil Hannah(#9) battled it out, meanwhile Tyler Junkin(#41) started in the middle of the pack. Tyler using his superior skill weaved his way into the front group and the battle between three amazing drivers began. In the end Neil Hannah(9) won the feature race with Alex Lees(#07) closely following with a door to door finish with Tyler Junkin(#41) taking third.

Tyler Junkin(#41) won the champion after many years of chasing for it with a close battle with Alex Lees(#07)


OSCAAR Super Late Models

The meanest and fastest racing series in Ontario came to the final night of racing at Peterborough Speedway as they put on a monster of a show. (#40p) off we a the strongest start someone could ask for as he continues to put more and more distance between him and the rest of the group. (#22) and (#77) started to close the gap that (#40p) started with as the race progressed. You can just feel the power that these cars possess as the grand stand rumbles and you can hear the engines all the way out to the highway as half way through the race you can see just which racers are the most feared in this series as an incredibly close race between (#40p), the (#77) and (#70) as these three are on a completely different skill level compared to the rest of the racers.


Do not forget to come back to Peterborough Speedway for the most important Holiday of the year, even more important than Christmas. I’m talking about the 20th Annual Autumn Colours Classic sponsored by Lusas Oil Products Inc. as well as Country 105. It is a 3 day event over Thanks Giving Weekend starting Friday October 5th and nonstop racing till Sunday October 7th. The best racing in series that range from Four Fun, Mini Stock, Renegade Trucks, Thunder Cars, Late Models, Pro Late Models, Modifieds, Super Late Models and Hurricane Midgets. It will be the most action packed racing event in Canada, and this is the place you want to be Thanks Giving Weekend.


Thank you all for supporting Peterborough Speedway, Canada’s Toughest 1/3 Mile Oval.

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